When the LA Times arrived Sunday, I was deeply saddened, even knowing Michael’s recent year of health struggles and our occasional wonderful conversations as we both walked the Palisades Park bluffs. A year later in arriving at UCLA, I have known (and been a proximate floor “mate”) Michael ever since 1971, my dear, always delightful, and graciously supportive colleague as a fellow teacher of Renaissance literatures, Shakespeare and Milton. I would be honored to attend this Sunday memorial, sharing with SO many others this loss to our world of scholarship and teaching, the UCLA community, the true “professoriate,” ecological activism, and, above all, the loss for his family–Elena, Ben, Will, for whom shared stories and memories will, I hope, offer some solace–a testimonial to Michael’s enduring presence whose “humane” spirit and “humanist” inspiration offers lessons to us all of a life robustly lived–mind, body, soul.